I could just title this ‘Ways I Make A Few Dimes’ but it’s not going to sound big and fancy like ‘Source of Income’ even if it’s N500 a month…or less.

Okay I’m not going to divulge all of them-obviously-because automatically people will think I’m rich and I don’t think that just because you have different sources of income, you are automatically set for life.

Let’s say I have 5 and they all fetch 20,000 for me monthly and you have 1 which gives you 200,000 monthly, who has the upper hand? Do the English.

So let’s start with the permanent and pensionable one:

-A 9-5😱 My dream for my future as a young lady was to have a nice family where I come back from work say around 2pm, pick up the kids on the way and start cooking before my husband comes back home around 4 pm and we gist about office while we round up cooking and eat and whatever. It was really appealing then.

Then I started adulting, and the appeal pealed away layer by layer till I realised that the office might just not be for me. But all the same, I’m very thankful. So yes I have an 8-4 job in a University in Nigeria and (for now) it’s the main source of income though I wouldn’t mind (would be thrilled actually) if my various businesses yield more than it.

I don’t remember ever looking this pretty going to work on a Monday morning but okay… she’ll do.

-Writing – Yes writing is a job. My current dream is to be a full-fledged, full-time writer. I mean the only thing I have to do all day, everyday is write. For myself, for my blog, for my clients, for my publishers ; what a dream *sigh*.

Anyway writing does make a lot of money if you learn the ropes and since I’m still trying to learn the threads, it doesn’t make as much money. I write for some clients some of which are monthly payers, an annual subscriber or some pay per article. Basically, I’m a freelance writer and it’s so much fun and so much work.

I write on notepads, my phone, laptop, the wall, my skin, air or any available surface.

-Al-Laban Greek Yoghurt- I make super duper fancy nancy Greek Yoghurt Parfait if I may say so myself.

From people’s reviews it is actually something to write a blog about so here…

Because of my 8-4, I make them only on weekends. You can get the healthy version or the creatively fun version, I always go for the latter.

Except when I’m really tired (which is about all the time), I love making them.

-Buying and selling- I sell shoes, jewelry, incense, khumra and many things saleable.

-Longrich- Longrich is a company that produces top notch everyday use products such as skincare and body care and health products. So yeah I sell their products too.

You want a long, rich life? In sha Allah. Go Longrich… and pray.

-Blogging- Blogging is more to get my creative juices going but you’ll be surprised what opportunities open up  through blogging.

So some yield monetary results while others yield more contentment than results but Alhamdulillah. So what are your sources of income (or dimes)?

Love blogging… obviously.
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