By Rilwan Sanusi

Standing ten meters away from her is her target. Calm, composed and focused, she took a deep breath to calm her rambling nerve. Slowly she aimed at her target with her rifle.She caressed the trigger gently with her forefinger as she focuses on her target. She closed her eyes, preparing to take the shot. In that moment  she remembered the guns, violence, drugs and prostitution in the neighborhood she grew up. She remembered her battle with drugs and depression and also how she took a gun and thought about ending her own life and how her mother’s words were able to convince her not to. With her eyes still closed she whispered the  words her mother said to her, “if you must point a gun at something, then point it at an obstacle that is blocking your path to success and when you pull the trigger make sure you don’t miss”.Finally she opened her eyes. All that stood between her and winning the international shooting sports federation shooting event was just a point.Knowing that there is no way she going to miss her target, she stopped caressing the trigger, and smiling, she pulled the trigger. 

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