By Yunusa Ibrahim

Kattume could not believe her eyes shortly after she fully regained her consciousness. “Inna lillahiwa’inna…”, She mumbled, completely dumbfounded. She was constricted to a metallic chair, legs apart and arms apart. She could not scratch her itching body parts from mosquitoes’ bites or wipe off a frightening sweat running down her long neck. Her heart was beatingspasmodically fast. She’s terrified. To conceal it, she pretended to be still unconscious; thus, she could subdue the fear.  

Her kidnapper, waiting for her full concentrationslapped her after he realized what she did. “Ok, listen up, girl”, he shouted. “In case you don’t realize what is going on here because I poisoned you before I kidnapped you, this is a serious business that needsyour cooperation”

As with many kidnappers, he was carrying a gun butwas slightly distracted by a transparent view of her pointy chest caused by the profound sweat. He untightened her and made a move for it. She was pissed off for that and bit off his ear. Disoriented, he dropped down the gun while shouting. She picked up the gun and pointed at his frontal lobe. “Oh no!”, he exclaimed. Paradoxically smiling, she pulled the trigger.

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