By Ruqayyah Saghir Nabage

As she stood there staring at the ground with so many thoughts battling for dominance,
‘Was it all worth it?’ prevailed.

Memories flickered half formed. Laughter, spoons over a flame, cake at midnight, ganja fumes induced philosophy, Netflix and coconut, syringes, finally a gunshot.

Yes, they had lived, loved, laughed. But had the price been worth it?

“Live out the rest of your days with me in utter revelry, debauchery and sin” he’d demanded when their eyes met from across the room and they’d gravitated towards each other. His broken eyes her new center of gravity.


“Because you are the most sinful thing I have ever seen.” She’d claimed she wasn’t that type of girl and left him chuckling after her.
Having an Achilles heel for broken things and bad mistakes, she’d been drawn to him and the rest, as they say, was history.
Funny how she’d thought she could fix him.

Turns out he was the one that broke her instead.

‘Yes, it had been worth it.’ 
Only she hadn’t expected him to leave her in this hopeless universe after he had shown her the stars beyond Midgard. No, death couldn’t separate them.

Smiling, she pulled the trigger.

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