It was 6am. The day had finally come. The USA international field Archery. Naomi closed her eyes as she silently prayed. Thirty minutes later, she was already dressed.

Today determines if she would qualify for the championship level.

“You can do this Naomi”, she told herself as Francis her brother entered the room after a quick knock.

“Hey sis, are you ready?” He asked

“To be honest Francis, I’m nervous.”

“You don’t have to be; you’ve come this far. We all believe in you”, he encouraged.

“If only dad was here”, she commented sadly.

He had gotten a call and couldn’t fly with them for her most important game.

At the venue, Naomi’s coach approached her .

“Keep your focus, aim high and make us proud, Naomi”, he saidwith a pat on her shoulders.

Then she heard the announcer call her up: “now, we have Naomi Jacobs from Nigeria.”

She looked at her brother, giving her a reassuring smile, before walking towards the field.

She carried her ICU 10m match crossbow and positioned it on her shoulders. Her father’s words ringing in her head: “you are the best!”

She got the needed confidence; smiling, she pulled the trigger.

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