By Peace .E. Victor

The last exam Eno wrote was the most difficult exams she has written since she got admission into the school. Few days later, while she was preparing to return home for holiday, her phone rang, she picked the call.
 ” Eno”  her mother called. “Good morning ma” eno greeted.”Eno your  father has been fired!” Her mother said.”Fired!” Eno screamed, as her mother ended the call, Goosebumps filled her body, like the whole world had fallen on her, she is yet to recover from the fear of failing her exams, now her father has been fired. The pain of paying her fees in school, she has drop out of school or face the embarrassment from Mr Wilson for not paying her fees.
She picked up her bucket of water, just as she was about to enter the bathroom, she collapsed.Few days later,  she woke up and finds herself in the hospital, with her mother and friends.  She couldn’t believe she had been in coma.
 ” Thank God you are alive  Your father has been called back to work” her mother said excitedly.
 “Congratulations! You had an excellent result”  Clara said.She looked at them smiling, she pulled the trigger.’

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