By Khadija Musa

Birthed by a legend was a brave lass who saw the death of her father before her eyes. The legend had a tug of war with infirmity and lost the game.
    On the night of his death,he came home looking battered,so she hurriedly collected his tools that were generously covered with mud and kept them by the hut leading them to their old dusty hut.
   She sat by him with her teary eyes,prayed silently as that was all she could do . Unforeseen moving silhouettes disrupted her and barged in ,asking for what they knew was not attainable; money.
   Everything happened in a jiffy, before she could register what was happening, he slumped and there was crimson liquid all around, they dragged him out and covered him with earth and left.
   In agony, she packed her belongings tucked their forgotten metal weapon I’m her wrapper and left.
    As she was walking, she heard their voices and she was happy they were not far from her , holding the weapon out smiling she pulled the trigger 

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  1. Rashad qasim
    Rashad qasim says:

    Ma sha allah
    May Allah bless you and your blessings for your future blessings blessings your life and your life in the hear after ameen


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