By Rabi Lawal

With gloomy eyes, by the left dim corner of her room, she sat on the floor and began talking to herself again.

    Emily’s a fifteen year old girl who lost her father and brother in a car accident. She lived with her mother and stepfather before her mom died too. All she had left was traumatic memories which made her mentally deranged. She continued living with her stepdad who’s a detective and a silent psychopath. He maltreated her unjustly, hurting her physically and mentally .His wrongful practices towards her were abusive that all she craved was light, justice and freedom. She always made solitude and got lost in confusion and uncontrolled excitement. She’d scream and hallucinate all through the night after being tortured by her stepfather. She kept thinking of an elimination strategy but to no avail.

One night, he walked to her room pointing a gun at her,threatening her to do as he asked and that was when she fought back. With tears rolling down her eyes, she pushed him down and snatched the gun shouting “you won’t touch me now!” All she thought at the moment was her freedom from grief smiling, she pulled the trigger.

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  1. Ibrahim shuaibu
    Ibrahim shuaibu says:

    This is lovely dear. May Allah make this your break through ameen. Sorry I couldn’t vote since this is because i was off line for some days

  2. Rilwan Sanusi
    Rilwan Sanusi says:

    A very beautiful and intriguing piece……keep it up Lil sis…..the stars is your lunch pad…..you have the potential to be bigger than j k Rowling

  3. Rilwan Sanusi
    Rilwan Sanusi says:

    A very beautiful and intriguing piece….keep up Lil sis….the stars is your lunch pad….you have the potential to be bigger than j k Rowling….in sha Allah

  4. Noble Eze Oluchukwu
    Noble Eze Oluchukwu says:


    Unfortunately she faces the penalty of a murderer. Perhaps other measure of self defence would have been deployed.

    She finds herself in another face of trauma, as the law puts her fate to test in judgement.

    I find your piece emotional, intellectual and interesting RABI LAWAL.

    Your are certainly a prolific writer.

    More exploit on your ride to GOLDEN STARDOM.

  5. Sulaiman
    Sulaiman says:

    she did it again, girl with initiatives.. I believe you..Rabi. Rabi is among the best future writers in our country, Very interested story. Stay blessed

  6. Love Joshua
    Love Joshua says:

    Great story.
    In this era of multiple abuses around, it’s kinda satisfying to see a victim stand against an abuser.
    So apt and no word was an excess.
    Rabi delivers as usual.


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