By Fadilat Ozohu Ibrahim

“Twenty (20) minutes earlier… 

In front of ‘nitel event hall’ she had stepped out of car so shining black. She wore a beautiful gown that made her looking so radiant the gatekeeper forgot to checked his list while smiling foolishly. 

The event had already started, and that’s perfect, no one will pay much attention to her. Easing through the crowd she sighted him just as expected… 

Standing a meter away,  she called out “Micheal” and on hearing his name,  he turned to see a beautiful angel standing.

Smiling, she retrieved a shotgun from her golden purse and pointed it at him.

Within a split seconds, he remembered the last time he had seen this angel, It had been in a room illuminated by just a table lamp, she sprawled on the ground with her body covered with bruises struggling to her feet and pleading with him to let her go,  he had said then: ” if you think you have anywhere to go, then leave” she had left then saying she would come back for him even if it meansher death.  Is this it?  He thought 

Thinking about the same thing too and still smiling,  she pulled the trigger.

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  1. Jerry
    Jerry says:

    It is so amazing to come up with such life touching lines couple with the present social problems we are facing in our society. It will indeed drow our attention on the right thing to do and always remain us that the issue of rape is never in our African heritage. We are known of our well cultured and beliefs system that a girl child need protection and attention in every aspect of life. Lets continue to fight against rape to the end. More grace and wisdom to the writer!


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