By Idris Ayanfe

At the altar she had a slight flashback of the first time the met and how her husband to be managed to persuade her to experience a love she had never expected nor believed could be true but Peter changed her life in a million ways more than she can remember, he was the man of her dreams that came true and had more to offer than she had envisaged, her protector her lover and confidant. He loved her that night like a true lover, she was happy. The next morning While the newlyweds played hide and seek but adding a personal twist to how the game was played; they added the use of pin balls and guns so whoever could spot the opponent had the right to open fire at will, the balls hurt like hell, the players were permitted to aim at any part of the body in exception of the face. She spotted her husband crawled behind the couch turning his butt to her, to add some spice to the game they decided to play in their underwear. She thought of the pain and possible reflex after being hit by the balls smiling, she pulled the trigger.

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