By Mary Emmanuel Bawa

“Breathe Samantha……. Breathe…… All you have to do is take out that apple”.                        It wasn’t a big deal for  Sammy, father had taken her to many shooting exercises, but this is her first at Quantico. Sammy is cautious, nervous even. She is so close, what if she miss? Her dreams of becoming an FBI agent are at stake.After reading all Blake Pierce books, Samantha had wanted nothing but to become an FBI agent. The likes of  Riley Paige intrigued her and nothing had made her feel so alive after mother died. Father saw the passion and fire in Sammy’s eyes when she speaks about this dangerous world of crimes, blazing with sparks of fury and a hint of anger. Anger from mother’s death “mugging gone wrong” the cops had said. More people won’t die same way. In her heart she saw Father’s face, his calm smile, with love, support, and encouragement in his eyes like always, she knows she can do it, it’s just an apple.Sammy clutched her target rifle closer and aimed at the apple, she listened to the rhythm of her heartbeat and the sound of her breathing and smiling, she pulled the trigger. 

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  1. JALTX
    JALTX says:

    Mehn this is lovely, I just want to keep on reading.

    This is very impressive, i hope the full story is available cuz it can’t just end here I want to keep on reading itvcant just end here not now💓💖❤💗😥😥😥😥😥😥😥


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