By Michael Metu

Seventeen ways, that’s how many ways I imagined killing her. She completely ruined my childhood and left me with nightmares. The first time she abused me, nobody else was at home. She did terrible things to me like stuffing her breasts in my mouth, and later telling me to lie down on my back while she sat on my face. Her Vagina smelt like fish. I never forget the smell because I hated the smell of fish. Her hands were rough on my little penis, it was painful. She told me not to tell anyone about it, I never did. I was six and stupid. Dad was a hunter and Mum was a trader. My parents never suspected anything. Every night she waits for mum to start moaning, and then she comes to abuse me. I prayed to God on most nights, nothing happened. She always leave me with a painful erection so every morning I woke up with a sore penis.One night I threatened to scream and she brought Dad’s hunting gun to scare me. I knew she could shoot and was scared, but when she started touching my penis, I could not take it and I screamed my lungs out. I must have woken the neighbourhood. My parents rushed out and caught her pants down. Dad rushed at her with rage, she was still with the gun and maybe because she was scared of Dad, she pulled the trigger on Dad. I was screaming the whole time. 
Realizing she was going to be lynched, she pointed the gun to her head and smiling, she pulled the trigger. 

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