Excerpt from Act of Time

By Dahiru Amina.

Every day we make choices, what shoe to wear? What food to eat? Every day we make choices that define how the day goes. We are wired to know the difference between pain and gain, and every choice we make is either one of them, has to be one of them

We’ve been given a pen and book and our destinies are all what we write them out to be. Regardless of how intelligent you might be, you are bound to have a lapse of judgement. 

So, here I was sitting across a forty-five year old man, a bottle of insecticide and between us a confession note and a suicide note. 

“The choice is yours but you’ve got to make a decision in 10 minutes or you lose the right to a choice. Tick tock” 

Title: Time Flux

By Deborah Johnson

This was it, she thought. This was the beginning and end all at once. Everything she did in this moment would define her future, past and  present. 
She’d been stuck in time before, it wasn’t pretty and right now, if she didn’t stop this monster of a man from activating the quantum accelerator, it would be the end of the world as she knew it.  
She swallowed her tears at the thought of her son and yelled. 
“Stop!”At the mad scientist, holding up a gun which she had picked up during one of her fight with the guards. 
“Stop or I’ll shoot”She yelled again, more forcibly 
“Never”He said, laughing maniacally  as he hit the activation button on the accelerator, ducking behind it for safety. 
“No! “She screamed, she couldn’t let all those people die. But that would mean she would die instead, because of the countless experiments done on her, she was connected to the machine, this was their plan all along!. 
Time slowed down as she struggled to make the hardest decision of her life. 
“I’m sorry”She whispered with tears in her eyes, to no one in particular and smiling, she pulled the trigger.

By Bilkisu Musa

“An eye for an eye, nothing more. He shall taste the bitterness of a bleeding heart, an eye for an eye!”  

Amina’s voice was audible enough to wake the dead. “He will have a taste of his own medicine”. With her mind all made up she drew the duvet to herself. Her head sore from all the tears. At her parent’s graves, she had took a handful of sand, with a firm intention she promised. “I will put Alhaji Adam in his grave while you are still fresh in here. Wallahi!” she swore. All grieved, Amina planned her revenge. she had heard his voice while mother stuffed her underneath the bed prior to her dead. Now, full darkness is all she awaits for punishment to be served. He’s still here amidst her family mourning the same people he killed. Slowly she crawled out of bed and headed for Alhaji Adams room. With the gun she had found on her father’s lifeless body held in her palm, she twisted the door handle. He was sitting on the bed, “Shhhhh!” she pointed the gun at him. Smiling, she pulled the trigger. 

By Michael Metu

Seventeen ways, that’s how many ways I imagined killing her. She completely ruined my childhood and left me with nightmares. The first time she abused me, nobody else was at home. She did terrible things to me like stuffing her breasts in my mouth, and later telling me to lie down on my back while she sat on my face. Her Vagina smelt like fish. I never forget the smell because I hated the smell of fish. Her hands were rough on my little penis, it was painful. She told me not to tell anyone about it, I never did. I was six and stupid. Dad was a hunter and Mum was a trader. My parents never suspected anything. Every night she waits for mum to start moaning, and then she comes to abuse me. I prayed to God on most nights, nothing happened. She always leave me with a painful erection so every morning I woke up with a sore penis.One night I threatened to scream and she brought Dad’s hunting gun to scare me. I knew she could shoot and was scared, but when she started touching my penis, I could not take it and I screamed my lungs out. I must have woken the neighbourhood. My parents rushed out and caught her pants down. Dad rushed at her with rage, she was still with the gun and maybe because she was scared of Dad, she pulled the trigger on Dad. I was screaming the whole time. 
Realizing she was going to be lynched, she pointed the gun to her head and smiling, she pulled the trigger. 

Kitchen Thief

By Abodunrin Basheet

It was early Sunday morning. I’ve  prepared for church. The hungry I was feeling was beyond discripption. I went into the parlor waiting for food. I saw mum coming from the kitchen, heading to her room to prepare also. As I realized she was out of my sight,I went quietly into the kitchen to know what she had cooked. I quietly open the pot in a way that it makes no sound . I saw some brown  fried-chickens. I couldn’t bear leaving without tasting aleast one. I took one, put it in my mouth, then quickly covered the pot and acted like I took nothing. I stood at the entrance, facing parlor(chewing the sweet chicken and not wanting to open mouth).

The parlor was empty. when I finished eating that,  I went in again to take another. This time around, I assumed no one was watching niether near. I opened the pot carelessly, took a chicken and put it to my mouth. I covered the pot, got ready to be  going, my younger sister bump into the kitchen like a thief ( You know that kinda situation that one would act like he took nothing). I quickly wiped my mouth. and she acted like she saw nothing, but I know she saw everything. She went in and I went out of the kitchen. 

Mom came out from her room heading to the kitchen. She came out with my sister with our food and  served everyone fried rice but she realized the the chickens were not up to what she left. “Who entered the kitchen” she shouted at everyone. I was silently looking like an innocent man but my sister was looking at me, expecting me to talk but I didn’t.

Mum said “If no answers, no one will be given the chicken “. I knew my sister couldn’t avoid to miss that chicken. She was starting at me which got me smiling. She was smiling and she pulled the trigger.

The Awakening

By Nana Khadija Yahaya

 Shobha stares out the window, waiting for him to come home. She knows he is angry just because she gave him the black shirt instead of the white one. He beats her up but sometimes he is sorry, he buys her flowers, even cries sometimes, then he tells her not to go out. He says that she should stay until the wounds heal, the neighbours are too nosy. She slumps on the couch sighing heavily as she realizes that it’s past midnight. Unconsciously, she falls asleep on the couch.

This time he isn’t beating her up. She looks around trying to leave this place but she realizes it’s closed. It takes her time to realize she is in a coffin. Last night, he had finally killed her, strangling her to death for talking to the milkman.

   Shobha wakes up holding her chest as she sighs heavily realizing it was a dream. She holds her head as tears stream down her flushed cheeks.                                                                

“This has to stop today”, she whispers wiping the tears from her cheeks, she walks to the room turning her drawers upside down and then she finds it. When her father had given her a gun when he was retiring, she had thought it to be strange but now was the time to make good use of it.

  The door flung open as her hulk of a husband stepped in, not even glancing at her but heading straight for the dining room. She waits for it, one, two, three“SHOBHA!” he shouts as he steps into the dining room this time a knife in his hand. She suddenly pulls out her gun and takes in the astonished look on his face. That memory will forever remain with her. Smiling, she pulled the trigger.  


By Mary Emmanuel Bawa

“Breathe Samantha……. Breathe…… All you have to do is take out that apple”.                        It wasn’t a big deal for  Sammy, father had taken her to many shooting exercises, but this is her first at Quantico. Sammy is cautious, nervous even. She is so close, what if she miss? Her dreams of becoming an FBI agent are at stake.After reading all Blake Pierce books, Samantha had wanted nothing but to become an FBI agent. The likes of  Riley Paige intrigued her and nothing had made her feel so alive after mother died. Father saw the passion and fire in Sammy’s eyes when she speaks about this dangerous world of crimes, blazing with sparks of fury and a hint of anger. Anger from mother’s death “mugging gone wrong” the cops had said. More people won’t die same way. In her heart she saw Father’s face, his calm smile, with love, support, and encouragement in his eyes like always, she knows she can do it, it’s just an apple.Sammy clutched her target rifle closer and aimed at the apple, she listened to the rhythm of her heartbeat and the sound of her breathing and smiling, she pulled the trigger. 

Title: To the girl who once lived 

By Eniola Balogun

The bullet went back to the gunAs I walk backwards I had wanted to convince the poor girl that she was saferJust before I could try to do it she pulled the triggerAs I walk back to my car driving backwards I started to re-live what already went down
It started at dawn I was a police officer I heard some noise so I went in to see herI try so hard to make her tell me what went downShe constantly kept saying one thing that he would kill herI got all tensed up and wanted to save her I guess you can’t really save someone from himselfShe rushed and pull my gun like she’s meant to do itI was already scared I was meant to stop her Before I could do it she was smiling,she pulled the trigger

By Idris Ayanfe

At the altar she had a slight flashback of the first time the met and how her husband to be managed to persuade her to experience a love she had never expected nor believed could be true but Peter changed her life in a million ways more than she can remember, he was the man of her dreams that came true and had more to offer than she had envisaged, her protector her lover and confidant. He loved her that night like a true lover, she was happy. The next morning While the newlyweds played hide and seek but adding a personal twist to how the game was played; they added the use of pin balls and guns so whoever could spot the opponent had the right to open fire at will, the balls hurt like hell, the players were permitted to aim at any part of the body in exception of the face. She spotted her husband crawled behind the couch turning his butt to her, to add some spice to the game they decided to play in their underwear. She thought of the pain and possible reflex after being hit by the balls smiling, she pulled the trigger.

By Chidiogo Nsude

Tension trickled through space, and she met his gaze, eyeball to cowering eyeball. Utterly frightened, he swallowed.
She cocked her head to the side, a smirk lingering on her lips. He ducked behind his desk and her smirk grew.
“No last words, Kola? Or are we too scared to talk?” 
Kola held up his hands in defence.”Easy Chika, you don’t wanna hurt anyone, put the gun down; you don’t wanna cause anyone pain…”
“Shut up!” Her smirk morphed into a frown in a heartbeat and her grip on the gun tightened. “Shut up Kola!” Her eyes misted from the wealth of emotions she felt. “Pain you say?” She shook her head. “Pain? You don’t know what pain is, but I’ll tell you anyways; good girl that I am.” She chuckled bitterly. “Pain is seeing you bring another woman into our home in my presence and sleeping with her under the same roof. Pain is you throwing me out after making her pregnant; and humiliating me. And now I want to make you feel the pain too.”
“No, please you can’t. Chika, please hear me ou—”
“Oh yes I can. And I will.” Smiling, she pulled the trigger.