Guest Submission by Bashirat Abdulwahab

If you know what you do well enough, chances are that you can go 2 hours or more talking or speaking about it. If this is true to you then here are the 4 reasons why you should write a book or share your story:

1.Every successful person I know does this. Yes the Tony Robbins, the Gary Vs, the Chimamandas and the Oprahs of the world do this. It is why you know them. Hence, how else would you have experienced any of them or even know they exist if they didn’t expand their reach by writing books?

Have you thought about this: how did Chimamanda become a household name in Africa? 

2.People are hungry for knowledge: it’s the information age bruh, and people are hungry for knowledge. But your information only makes sense if it can help make their lives easier and better. 

3.Thought leadership authority: did you know that writing a book is a passport to becoming an authority in your profession?

4.Passive income: everyone wants to make more money but no one wants to do the work so hard. Writing and publishing a book is one of the smartest ways to make great passive income that I know.

Writers Bio

Bashirat Abdulwahab

Bashirat Abdulwahab is a trained journalist turned helping practitioner, social entrepreneur and trainer with competencies in neuro linguistic programming, emotional intelligence, mental health first aid, community development and psychosocial work. She’s the founder of Hands for Life (a social enterprise with the sole of empowering the minds and hands for vulnerable Africans), and The Purple Network For Muslimah (a rehabilitation and self development platform for Muslim girls and women of all colour.

She’s a published author with 3 books under her belt and also teaches aspiring authors to do same. Her next title – Dispossessed is set to be published in October 2019. 

She lives in the capital city of Abuja, Nigeria with her two adorable sons and you can find her and her work on various social media platforms through the following handles:
IG & Twitter: @thebashirat, @thebatv, @hands_4life @soulsetmuslimah 

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