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Chapter One: The List

PROLOUGE Dear Reader: If you are reading this then there are several possible reasons why; -The world did not come to an end. Good thing -The pandemic ended and I did not survive- not necessarily a good thing- and some gold diggers decided to Anne Frank it. -The pandemic decided to disappear and I cash […]



Disclaimer: This journal is a pure work of fiction. It, in no way depicts the life of the writer nor any person. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. Are You Okay will follow the life of our protagonist (she still has no name), and her quest to […]


12 Things I Excel At

If you are here to read about how I excel at solving mathematical problems (I suck at Math), or how I’m a pro basketball player or how I can read minds, or something equally uninteresting and eww-inspiring that only simpletons do, then you shouldn’t move on from here. My life is not that serious and […]


Broke Girl Problems

Being broke means seeing the world in a different light. You think my mouth waters when I see that yummy picture of tantalizingly amazing looking burger? It doesn’t, I simply fail to see the tantalizational part of it, it’s black and white till my pocket can afford it; being broke dims the senses that need […]


I Had A Dream…

I don’t usually remember my dreams yet this one is quite memorable. It’s action packed featuring characters from plenty fantasy movies (I guess)… of course Marvel characters feature. Can’t recognise the villain but she is merciless…could be Hella. So we were in some sort of training school (my fathers house in reality) and we were […]

A Bug’s Life

She pressed and held so that the honk of her car will rally with that of the ones around, maybe then, the traffic will clear. She could will all the cars away, she knew she could. But she did not. She wanted- needed- to conserve her new found powers because of course it was bestowed […]