Entries by Hafsah Sule Dauda

My Heart Is Sulking Today

My heart is throwing tantrums today Telling me to make it stop Make her stop feeling the varying dark emotions Which cease her at random moments Like many different cards slotted in the same money machine.     My heart is sulking today She said I didn’t swipe away From the photos of dead bodies […]

Wrapped In Ribbons

I It came wrapped in ribbons Bright red ribbons and cheap glossy paper wraps The first time it came My mom beat me up blue She said you are only in primary 5 What do you know about love I still hate that boy till today His unsolicited attention caused me pain I remember it […]

When Love Hits

She was in a rush.  She was in an extreme hurry trying to unmangle the mixed up chatter of instructions in her head of what to buy and what to do and who to call and what to say and what to cook and… long what to’s. She hardly slept the night before and had […]

Taming Of The Shrew

She got up all bleary eyed and puff faced when she heard the locks turn. He was back. He stepped and shut the door behind him before looking at her. He almost sighed in welcome frustration. It was going to be the same routine again. A routine he enjoyed because of the sheer rush of […]


They were doing it. They were finally doing it!. She didn’t look at her husband all through the journey. He didn’t look at her either and none of them turned to look at the backseat where she lay knocked out. She cracked her knuckles, she was nervous, not scared, not anxious, nervous. They couldn’t be […]