Entries by Hafsah Sule Dauda


Meet Your Judge- Inufin Ayomide

Meet one of our Judges, Inufin Ayomide D’great. He is a poet per excellence who has excelled in and mastered the art of making English conform to his writing whims. Owing to his writing prowess, Ayomide has recently been profiled by Wikipedia as a globally recognized poet. Some of his 12 achievements are: * 2004 […]


Flash Fiction Writing Contest Shortlist

The list of the top 20 stories to qualify for the judging stage is ready. The list was compiled following five-day the voting process where some stories had almost 300 votes to their names. Shortlisted writers for Flash Fiction Writing Contest: 1. Dela Azojani Adeorike 2. Stephen Ezennwa 3. Jesutofunmi Fekoya 4. Hauwa Hala Nuraddeen […]


The Love-Hate Relationship Between I And Myself

You think you have naysayers? Mine resides within! This lady is my worse critic. Everything I do is subject to judgement. I can’t try to look pretty in front of the mirror, ‘I’ will start dissing me. And if so help me God I try to dance or worse sing, ‘I’ contorts her face like she’s smelling poop and grimaces, I’ll have to shamefully stop.

Entry 36

Title: Different  By Dela Azojani Adeorike Samson was Delilah’s little piece of heaven and she was everyone’s desire. The six months with him had been a bed of roses until fourteen days ago.  Samson had invited her for a party. At the party, she couldn’t find him. She asked few people,” please am I his keeper?” said another hissing and cursing…when she found him, “meet me upstairs in five minutes’ time”Samson said giving her a snack. Walking up the stairs, […]

Entry 35

Aisha Madaki Sandra was raped by some street guys at the age of 14 when she was in High School, she was expelled because of the pregnancy she got. Both her parents were dead so she lived with her neighbors because her relatives weren’t there for her. She was sent out of her neighbors’ house […]

Entry 34

By Stephen Ezennwa I thought we were done; She said I was gonna miss her; no doubts I did, but this? No, I didn’t bargain for this, none of this. I broke up with her over the phone and thirty minutes later she was at my apartment; We talked it out; She told me that […]

Entry 33

TAKEN By Jesutofunmi Fekoya.  Rukkaya adjusted, looking for a comfortable position. It was hard to find one with the ropes tightly binding her wrists and legs. For several days, she had been kept in that foul smelling house with the same cloth they had taken her with. The day another girl was brought, Rukkaya’s once forgotten […]

Entry 32

By Jummai Umar “Greetings, Jonathon.” She patted her purse, making sure all her belongings were inside and smiled. Jonathon was surprised to see her—how would she know his business at the port?  “What a welcome surprise.”, he said in a friendly tone, trying to conceal his nervousness. “What brings you here?”  “I never thought you […]

Entry 31

An Act Of Mercy By Hauwa Hala Nuraddeen She’d always known that it would come to this. Since she was six and innocent, before she saw her father gather her mother in his arms, pepper kisses down her neck, encouraging her to press the razor on her skin so it would send blood flowing; ever […]

Entry 30

By Umeh Prisca Ijeoma           Crowing cocks and screeching birds together with the rays of light that found it’s way through her window, announced the dawn of the morning. It’s been exactly two months she had been living with this stranger who saved her from her captors despite being one of […]