By Ishola Ubaidah

I knew Shiela Dorris had serious issues. Her beautiful, milky complexion might conceal the chaos going on in her soul, but after staying glued religiously to the back-to-back episodes of the TV series, I could definitely see through her outer flawlessness. 
Beneath the young adult’s inspiring lifestyle was a secret hidden behind the closed door of her cozy mansion. The secret had been in her basement for weeks now, helplessly tied to a chair, with its mouth taped, so no one would be suspicious of its presence. 
I still hadn’t come to terms with the sudden contrast in her character, when just a few episodes before, I’d been a huge fan of her success story; how she’d literally built her fashion house from nothing but consistent ideas and lots of focus. At twenty-four, she was everything I wanted to be… 
But like they say, all that glitters was truly not gold. 
I watched her slip the weapon out of her custom-made purse, fingers fiddling with the lethal trigger. The end of the episode was near, and I desperately wished she’d spare the reporter’s life. 
But unfortunately, she looked like her mind was already made up. Smiling, she pulled the trigger.

By Mimee Ndanusa

Her scream was heard from afar, Making a few doctors rush into the room. I can vividly remember her scanning everyone’s face. Her eyes were bloodshot and she looked so frail and thin, She walked to a doctor, I remember him with his thick rimmed glasses. She sniffed at him and grinned. A psychotic grin at that. Suddenly she brought out a gun, Pointing it forward she shouted “Don’t come close to me!” Everyone stepped back but in a panic mode. Calmly, as if about to bring the gun down, She gave a sad look pointing the gun at her head.Smiling,she pulled the trigger.

Title: Guns and Gretta

By Annie Ifinedo

With a blank face, Gretta pressed the gun to Abby’s forehead that sweltering afternoon.

In contrast, Abby’s eyes widened momentarily before narrowing sharply. “You beast. Why can’t you put the past behind you?”

Gretta had paid for the gun earlier that day. Her thoughts circled the sinister plans she had for her sister as she journeyed to the street where Abby lived.

Right from the womb, Abby had been her father’s blue-eyed boy (as the saying goes). Her birth made Gretta a neglected child. Either she played with Abby’s luxuriant locks, resisting the urge to tug, or she played by herself, her friends smitten with the neonate.

Gretta at seventeen was a fine dark lady. If only she wasn’t coloured in more than one way. She’d knocked on the door, her nose scrunching like it always did when she plotted something childish. Swallowing a laugh took quite an effort on seeing Abby.

Gretta matched her frosty tone. “If you think I’d ever forget when you doused me in cold water with that huge toy gun, you’re joking. Consider this payback time.” 

Abby turned to run, but Gretta seized her. Her teeth flashing, she pulled the trigger.

By Fadilat Ozohu Ibrahim

“Twenty (20) minutes earlier… 

In front of ‘nitel event hall’ she had stepped out of car so shining black. She wore a beautiful gown that made her looking so radiant the gatekeeper forgot to checked his list while smiling foolishly. 

The event had already started, and that’s perfect, no one will pay much attention to her. Easing through the crowd she sighted him just as expected… 

Standing a meter away,  she called out “Micheal” and on hearing his name,  he turned to see a beautiful angel standing.

Smiling, she retrieved a shotgun from her golden purse and pointed it at him.

Within a split seconds, he remembered the last time he had seen this angel, It had been in a room illuminated by just a table lamp, she sprawled on the ground with her body covered with bruises struggling to her feet and pleading with him to let her go,  he had said then: ” if you think you have anywhere to go, then leave” she had left then saying she would come back for him even if it meansher death.  Is this it?  He thought 

Thinking about the same thing too and still smiling,  she pulled the trigger.

Title: First ‘Hi’ 

By Muhammad Haruna

It was the life defining moment I have always been dreaming of, scared I am though. Annabel has always been the crush I have since day one, she captured my love at first sight.

‘‘Hi James’’

Holy Indiana! Did she just call my name? I think my legs are shaking, for a moment everything is moving at a slow pace. I can feel my stomach grumbles, I wonder if she heard that.

‘‘Hy Annabel…’’ I pray the eye contact trick will work, Imaintain eye contact with Annabel. Oh! My heart is beating faster. 

‘‘Ehen… James, I was wondering if you could be my date for the upcoming prom night?’’ 

Whaat…! Did she just asked me out?

‘‘Yes, I don’t see why not’’  

‘‘Ok. 7pm, Friday Night. School cafeteria?’’ 

‘‘Ok by me, I will see you on Friday then?’’ I can’t wait to see my friends face when they see me with the hottest girl in campus.

‘‘Alright, see you on Friday Mr Johnson’’ 

I can’t believe she knows my surname.

Damn…! She winked at me. Mehn… She walks like a model, I pray she turns around.

Oh yes, she just did.

‘…smiling, she pulled the trigger’


By Rabi Lawal

With gloomy eyes, by the left dim corner of her room, she sat on the floor and began talking to herself again.

    Emily’s a fifteen year old girl who lost her father and brother in a car accident. She lived with her mother and stepfather before her mom died too. All she had left was traumatic memories which made her mentally deranged. She continued living with her stepdad who’s a detective and a silent psychopath. He maltreated her unjustly, hurting her physically and mentally .His wrongful practices towards her were abusive that all she craved was light, justice and freedom. She always made solitude and got lost in confusion and uncontrolled excitement. She’d scream and hallucinate all through the night after being tortured by her stepfather. She kept thinking of an elimination strategy but to no avail.

One night, he walked to her room pointing a gun at her,threatening her to do as he asked and that was when she fought back. With tears rolling down her eyes, she pushed him down and snatched the gun shouting “you won’t touch me now!” All she thought at the moment was her freedom from grief smiling, she pulled the trigger.

By Saudat Waya

Today is the final day of school. Zara is hoping that Zayn will finally notice that their names begin with the same letter, that they are a match made in heaven, that their height difference is exactly 0.5ft, that she has secretly been in love with him for the past 10years. She has cleaned his seat at the cafeteria every morning before going to class and on weekends when he runs, she cleared his running track before breakfast. She has walked him home many times just trailing behind him, unnoticed. She walked out of class beaming with joy, practically skipping her way to the parking lot. She sat on the bench where she waits for Zayn every day to finish his football practice. His laugh was the first thing she heard before she could sight him. She raised her head gently savoring the moment before it passes. Zayn was talking to someone she couldn’t see. She was so sure it was one of his friends until she sighted a blue scarf being blown by the breeze and a beautiful face. Zara knew the moment she saw the way Zayn looks at the girl. He loves her. She slowly pulled out the pistol she stole from her dad’s study. Smiling, she pulled the trigger.

Title: Monochrome Murder

By Cynthia Nnadi

It was a perfect evening for someone to die. Bertha strolled towards the University gate. Her steps were slow; calculated and reluctant. A subtle wind danced between the strands of her braids, and she felt a raindrop settle at the tip of her nose. It seemed it would rain too. In the distance, security men dished out security tags to the cars that drove in. She counted the cars, studying their plate numbers as they zoomed past her. One of the cars had the exact number of her birthday. 149. 14th of September.

‘Hmph,’ She tsked. What a coincidence.

An uneasy feeling gripped her, as an angry woman would the beltline of her husband, caught in the swindling arms of fornication.

She thought, what was the perfect way for Selah to kill her oppressive boss? At this point of the story, Selah held a gun to his head, and that was where she stopped writing last night. She had to continue tonight.

A small wind waltzed past, then the perfect idea struck. She took out a small notebook from her back pocket and scribbled with much excitement. What a perfect way to end her novel; “…smiling, she pulled the trigger.”

By Aisha Bint Mahmud

Title: Break the RULES and change the GAME
Growing up in a community that values hunting, and watching the men set out to hunt. She began to have a weird dream and ambition of becoming a Hunter.  
After announcing her intention to chase her dream to her family and friends. They called her a loser because they believed that is a man’s job. That she’d never make it. They feel she’s too much of a dreamer and told her to grow up and get a real job. They said a lot of things… that hurts. 
But to her, those words only motivated her to still chase after her dream with stronger conviction. And secretly she began attending hunting practice sessions with other young boys within the community. Constantly overcoming her obstacles, she became stronger and fearless day by day. Today was the first forest session. And the goal was to hunt down a real animal. And as soon as she spotted her first target smiling, she pulled the trigger.