Kitchen Thief

By Abodunrin Basheet

It was early Sunday morning. I’ve  prepared for church. The hungry I was feeling was beyond discripption. I went into the parlor waiting for food. I saw mum coming from the kitchen, heading to her room to prepare also. As I realized she was out of my sight,I went quietly into the kitchen to know what she had cooked. I quietly open the pot in a way that it makes no sound . I saw some brown  fried-chickens. I couldn’t bear leaving without tasting aleast one. I took one, put it in my mouth, then quickly covered the pot and acted like I took nothing. I stood at the entrance, facing parlor(chewing the sweet chicken and not wanting to open mouth).

The parlor was empty. when I finished eating that,  I went in again to take another. This time around, I assumed no one was watching niether near. I opened the pot carelessly, took a chicken and put it to my mouth. I covered the pot, got ready to be  going, my younger sister bump into the kitchen like a thief ( You know that kinda situation that one would act like he took nothing). I quickly wiped my mouth. and she acted like she saw nothing, but I know she saw everything. She went in and I went out of the kitchen. 

Mom came out from her room heading to the kitchen. She came out with my sister with our food and  served everyone fried rice but she realized the the chickens were not up to what she left. “Who entered the kitchen” she shouted at everyone. I was silently looking like an innocent man but my sister was looking at me, expecting me to talk but I didn’t.

Mum said “If no answers, no one will be given the chicken “. I knew my sister couldn’t avoid to miss that chicken. She was starting at me which got me smiling. She was smiling and she pulled the trigger.

By Chiziterem Chijioke

Abebe was no man that he thought himself to be. He felt the need to cheat on her, and not just that, he felt the need to have another family. And when she had found out, she had confronted him. His only apology was the contact of his palm with her very yellow skin. She had stumbled, stunned and shocked at his reaction. He had betrayed her. Why? For what? Rising from the seat, her eyes drenched with tears, the room empty, silent and free from the echoes of younglings running in glee, she realized why Abebe had changed. She was barren. Ten years of marriage, no issue and suddenly it was only her fault. But the humiliation would never happen again. He was passed out on the couch opposite her, his eyes closed and his breath smelling of liquor. He had returned from seeing his second family. And here he was, uncaring about how she felt. Well that was good, because she was uncaring too. There was only one solution to all the problem and it involved someone’s end. It wasn’t going to be hers. Lifting both her hands from her sides, smiling, she pulled the trigger.

By Peace .E. Victor

The last exam Eno wrote was the most difficult exams she has written since she got admission into the school. Few days later, while she was preparing to return home for holiday, her phone rang, she picked the call.
 ” Eno”  her mother called. “Good morning ma” eno greeted.”Eno your  father has been fired!” Her mother said.”Fired!” Eno screamed, as her mother ended the call, Goosebumps filled her body, like the whole world had fallen on her, she is yet to recover from the fear of failing her exams, now her father has been fired. The pain of paying her fees in school, she has drop out of school or face the embarrassment from Mr Wilson for not paying her fees.
She picked up her bucket of water, just as she was about to enter the bathroom, she collapsed.Few days later,  she woke up and finds herself in the hospital, with her mother and friends.  She couldn’t believe she had been in coma.
 ” Thank God you are alive  Your father has been called back to work” her mother said excitedly.
 “Congratulations! You had an excellent result”  Clara said.She looked at them smiling, she pulled the trigger.’

There’s a generous rise in the number of writing enthusiasts all over Nigeria. The passion is tangible but the opportunities are few. For a writer, it is reward enough to have an audience to his written pieces of art, but at some point, financial reward is always craved for and that in itself can serve as an incentive to urge them on into the wonderful world of writing.

As a budding writer, I know how pumped up I felt whenever I came across local contests, I want to give that feeling back to you too.

Flash fiction is what I consider a brain tester. Will you be able to tell your story in 200 words beautifully? What we need are unique stories, something different, something unexpected, we absolutely love cliffhangers and stories that will make the reader crack his brain for days. Dazzle us.

Hafsah Dauda is just a writing blog, where I share all the stories pent up within the recesses of my brain with you, I hope you appreciate that part of me. Do read up and drop comments.


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