So this guy unscrewed my heart again

And all the nuts in my sense clattered to the floor

I was angry at myself for falling prey, again

So I reported him to God, and I prayed

I prayed rosy mornings and sated nights

I prayed for him more shiny Getzner

I prayed he wouldn’t have to eat Kuka every breakfast 

I prayed beans will stop messing with his stomach 

So that he could finally eat moi-moi without offending the air

I prayed his laundry man will stop burning his Kaftan trousers

And his boss will stop making him handle the photocopier 

I prayed against ants biting his tender skin 

Because it was a really pitiful sight when he’ll itch

I prayed all the good for him

Not because I’ll forget and forgive 

But because the last time he did me bad 

I prayed on him everything bad

And the exact opposite happened to him.

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