By Aisha Bint Mahmud

Title: Break the RULES and change the GAME
Growing up in a community that values hunting, and watching the men set out to hunt. She began to have a weird dream and ambition of becoming a Hunter.  
After announcing her intention to chase her dream to her family and friends. They called her a loser because they believed that is a man’s job. That she’d never make it. They feel she’s too much of a dreamer and told her to grow up and get a real job. They said a lot of things… that hurts. 
But to her, those words only motivated her to still chase after her dream with stronger conviction. And secretly she began attending hunting practice sessions with other young boys within the community. Constantly overcoming her obstacles, she became stronger and fearless day by day. Today was the first forest session. And the goal was to hunt down a real animal. And as soon as she spotted her first target smiling, she pulled the trigger.  

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  1. Sani Usman
    Sani Usman says:

    Ma sha Allah, tabaarakAllah. You’re one of the best inspirational writers I have known, your tweets justifies that. All the best, you will win in sha Allah.

  2. Yusuf yahaya Musa
    Yusuf yahaya Musa says:

    Indeed that’s how a responsible person supposed to be, whether you been supported or not. U should maintain your idea provided it would not altered any law

    • Aisha Bint Mahmud
      Aisha Bint Mahmud says:

      Exactly! We were all born to be great, but that doesn’t mean we are going to be celebrities, or world famous. You have to be great at what you were born to do & that might not make you famous or financially wealthy but it still makes you great because you did something very few people do.


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