Title: Happy Deathday

Gift Ukay

She had woken up depressed as always, with no expectations for the new day; not even her birthday. Living isn’t worth it, the demons in her head had always told her. 
Waking up, she pulled out her diary from underneath her pillow, and resumed to pouring out her emotions on the pages with her ink. 
Dear diary,
It’s my birthday, but it looks more like a death day. I have so much grief in me. I can’t hold on for much longer. So, I ask for a gift, a gift befitting this day…
As she wrote, the tears flooding her eyes blurred her vision. She tried wiping them off with the back of palm. She continued writing, and stopped when she heard the ding-dong at the door. Rising on her feet, she made for the door. 
On opening, there was no one there, but on the floor laid a parcel. She lifted it. Shutting the door behind her, she opened it up. Inside it was a revolver with a red ribbon and a paper tag with inscription ‘Happy Deathday’. 
“My gift,” she muttered. After admiring it, she lifted it to her head. Smiling, she pulled the trigger.
Gift Ukay

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