Title: First ‘Hi’ 

By Muhammad Haruna

It was the life defining moment I have always been dreaming of, scared I am though. Annabel has always been the crush I have since day one, she captured my love at first sight.

‘‘Hi James’’

Holy Indiana! Did she just call my name? I think my legs are shaking, for a moment everything is moving at a slow pace. I can feel my stomach grumbles, I wonder if she heard that.

‘‘Hy Annabel…’’ I pray the eye contact trick will work, Imaintain eye contact with Annabel. Oh! My heart is beating faster. 

‘‘Ehen… James, I was wondering if you could be my date for the upcoming prom night?’’ 

Whaat…! Did she just asked me out?

‘‘Yes, I don’t see why not’’  

‘‘Ok. 7pm, Friday Night. School cafeteria?’’ 

‘‘Ok by me, I will see you on Friday then?’’ I can’t wait to see my friends face when they see me with the hottest girl in campus.

‘‘Alright, see you on Friday Mr Johnson’’ 

I can’t believe she knows my surname.

Damn…! She winked at me. Mehn… She walks like a model, I pray she turns around.

Oh yes, she just did.

‘…smiling, she pulled the trigger’

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