What do you know about autism and aspergers?

What if I told you that there many people living with autism or on the spectrum that have not and will never diagnosed because it is not physically apparent?

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a developmental disorder that affects communication and behavior. It means the individually is not a neurotypical therefore he does not process information and emotions the typical way.

1 out of every 125-150 children in Nigeria is autistic.

That is roughly 600,000 children living on the spectrum.

This is from a study in 2014 and not taking adults into account. 

ASPERGERS is a high functioning autism. People living with aspergers have milder signs of social and communication impairment.

This in turn makes it harder for people living with aspergers to be diagnosed. 

People living on the spectrum are just wited different, sometimes it shows physically, most times it doesn’t. There’s no known cause though genetics plays a role.

Contrary to what people may think about autism and the intellect, autistic people more often than not have a higher IQ.

Popular people on the spectrum? Einstein for starters.

Bill Gates, Tim Burton, Isaac Newton, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk … you get the picture.

Safe to say autism may make genius. 

But it is NOT roses or a sure road to success.

Chances of suicide are 3 times higher in them.

They don’t fit into the society and most likely never will.

They find making and maintaining friends hard. May end up never married or find it hard to maintain a relationship.

They don’t necessarily communicate the way we will understand or understand the way we communicate. 

Common Signs of Aspergers?

Just because you are socially awkward and introverted doesn’t mean you are an aspie.

-avoidance of eye contact 


-obsession with patterns, routine, repetition (OCD)

-obsession generally with particular object or topic of interest

-Not empathetic in the typical way

exceptional verbal skills (great vocabulary)

-below average non-verbal skills. Don’t understand gestures, body language, facial expressions 

-above average intuition(some say they are as close to psychics as they get)

-social and speech difficulties (their voices maybe monotonous with no emotion to it)

– do not typically show their emotions. An aspie may not show shock, surprise or fear on his face.

-may struggle with seeing from other’s perspectives

No you don’t want to be autistic. Forget the Elon Musk thing, they are facing so much hate and misunderstanding.

So much bullying and suicidal thoughts.

In Nigeria, there are parents trying to kill their kids because they are ‘possessed’.

In the western world, they are marginalized and called weirdos and oddballs. They don’t fit.

Society isn’t designed to accommodate them.

They are constantly misunderstood and harrased.

Imagine you being called out every single day for seeing the world the way you do.

Or being punished for seeing the sky as red not blue. When what you actually see is red.

Being stopped from doing something your brain says you MUST!


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