Saturday, 3rd of August saw the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria Entrepreneurship Summit themed Entrepreneurship: ‘An Antidote To Youth Unemployment in Nigeria’.

It is therefore not a surprise that Yahaya Buhari Ali, one of the fastest growing entrepreneurs in Northern Nigeria with over 5 branches under the YB Groups conglomerate was presented with two awards.

The very business minded entrepreneur whose next milestone is to be on Forbes list of 30 under 30 African entrepreneurs was presented with the ‘Achiever per Excellence’ award by ABU Student Representative Council and ‘Fastest Growing Entrepreneur’ award by ABU GrandFinale.

The August occasion which was attended by a number of well placed panelists, prestigious speakers and over 500 attendees both as students and non-students was targeted at orienting young entrepreneurs in discovering the prospects that lay in the Nigerian business atmosphere, discussing the challenges involved and proffering solutions to such challenges.

In his speech, the CEO spoke about the challenges he faced and how he was able to brave it through thick and thin to become the visionary that he is today. 

This is evident in Yahaya Buhari’s uncanny ability to pinpoint many opportunities that only true professionals can and in an awe-inspiring manner.

There is undoubtedly no one more deserving of both awards than Yahaya Buhari as his entrepreneurial sixth sense and his willingness to always help up and coming businesses has been evident from the get go. 

Sir YB has been tagged as ‘The Next Dangote’ but in my opinion, he might well surpass the richest man in Africa as his ideas are more reformatory, digital and futuristic. He has excelled himself as a master of the game and at such a young age too. A pride to Kaduna indeed.

He forwarded a warm thank you message to all his supporters; his parents, mentors, team and clients with whose prayers and support he has been able to swiftly climb up the very competitive and daunting success ladder.

Yahaya is also part of the Local Organizing Committee of the recently organized Northern Youth Summit under the auspices of Northern Hibiscus Initiative and was indeed the brain behind the alluring theme of the event whose main purpose was to awaken the spirit of Arewa.

Rounding up his speech, he professed a singular aim at becoming better at what he does while thanking the organizers of the event and all and sundry that have partook in it. 

We are foreseeing more greatness for this young visionary In Sha Allah. It takes a mighty amount of not only vision but discipline, hardwork and dedication to arrive at this milestone which to him is just a stepping stone and we are willing to cheer Sir YB on all the way. 

Congratulations Sir.