Hi. I’m Hafsah, and sometimes, when I look at myself, my face, my body, I feel like it’s not good enough. Sometimes I have issues, body image issues and usually I am my own critic- not others. It’s fine if you do the same thing too. It’s fine if sometimes you feel down because you wished your curves are curvier, it’s fine if it’s often and not all the time, it makes us human.

We were never created perfect so noticing our imperfections physically is a good sign. Next, we accept it, we can’t do anything about it, we embrace it, we love it.

I feel uneasy about how my tummy looks in a tight blouse ‘ I look pregnant’, I say. But don’t hate that part of me. I hope it could be flat sometimes but it’s not flat and I’m okay. I’m still the same person and I have 50 dollars down that I’ll still be the same person with a flat tummy.

TV, social media, the internet, magazines all don’t help when it comes to self-esteem and body image issues. You just have to discountenance all those ideals as the unrealistic and unrelatable made up standards that they are. Because in the long run, who gets to define, design and decide what really is beauty and perfection? The Creator . And since the all perfect Creator who never makes a mistake created you like this then best believe you are as good as you could ever get.

If I wish to exercise so much my tummy flattens it has to be for me. It has to be my choice, it has to not have anything to do with the expectations of others on who I should be or the stereotypical images of ideal body on the Tv.

I have plenty body image issues, my face size, my nose, my skin tone, my hair line (and guess what? Many other things that people actually compliment me about)… but I’ve embraced it and the fact that I majorly love me like this though sometimes I may feel insecure, is all part of living.