By Saudat Waya

Today is the final day of school. Zara is hoping that Zayn will finally notice that their names begin with the same letter, that they are a match made in heaven, that their height difference is exactly 0.5ft, that she has secretly been in love with him for the past 10years. She has cleaned his seat at the cafeteria every morning before going to class and on weekends when he runs, she cleared his running track before breakfast. She has walked him home many times just trailing behind him, unnoticed. She walked out of class beaming with joy, practically skipping her way to the parking lot. She sat on the bench where she waits for Zayn every day to finish his football practice. His laugh was the first thing she heard before she could sight him. She raised her head gently savoring the moment before it passes. Zayn was talking to someone she couldn’t see. She was so sure it was one of his friends until she sighted a blue scarf being blown by the breeze and a beautiful face. Zara knew the moment she saw the way Zayn looks at the girl. He loves her. She slowly pulled out the pistol she stole from her dad’s study. Smiling, she pulled the trigger.