I know some unbelievers of jinxing may come for me but I strongly believe that what you say, may end up having a strong effect in your later life.

That being said, I am sick and tired and fed up and … of the phrase ‘men are scum’. We get it, men do bad stuff, unthinkably horrid stuff, men are not perfect, men suck sometimes but so do women. Bottomline; men , women, kids, whatever =humans and humans, try as you may to think otherwise, can never be perfect. Got it? Great. 

Now that out of the way, let’s talk about the generalization part. No single species or group of people are all the same. They can never be all bad or all good. We are all guilty of stereotyping (I’m unproudly guilty) but come on some just get old, e.g men are scum.

Some bad things are bound to happen, we can’t escape them, it’s life, but some things- we call them upon ourselves. When you sing praises of men are scum like a life devotion or a strength mantra it gets to and does funny things to your head. You get to see the worse in every man no matter how seemingly good he may be. You tend to ignore the great qualities. You tend to judge every situation unfairly against the man without hearing the other side. You tend to be stuck up and blind. You tend to see what you wish to see and honestly, that’s not life. I mean where’s the fun? In fact you attach too much importance to that when many things are very much more important e.g personal growth. And if you are unwilling to see the good in a person, then there’s nothing the person can do that can change your mind. 

And then if eventually as fate will have it you fall into Femi’s trap, we are doomed on the social media circles because it’s about to be a month’s dedication on motivational speech men are scum epistles. You don’t move on because you can’t because men… men are scum!. 

This life is as it was meant to be and if your man is scum, he is and if he isn’t, he isn’t. Just because he is scum doesn’t mean they all are. He is. And when the next one comes, go with the flow, loosen up, enjoy the ride, because the other option is too dreary to be and because we may never know what is in stock.

Please stop the men are scum already. I know that they can do the most!!! I know some things some men do is Authubillah! I know it can be frustrating but do not jinx your life because of Jack.

My Dad is not scum, my brothers aren’t, majority of the men I know aren’t, my husband and kids are not (In Sha Allah) and they are all men!.